TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 3

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 3

Monday Tests  Upper Body Push and Running. The session starts with a fun song warmup,  and air squats.   Then a pushing-specific warmup, then a 10 min clock to build.   If NOT Testing, on the same clock continue on Squat endurance progression for the week. Following Part 1, line everyone up for a running specific warmup — then release to rehearse  goal pace for Testing.  If NOT testing, the workout is Running & Arch Body Holds (Superman) as rest:  after each run, accumulate max seconds in 1 min and then back on the run.   Goal is  <15:00 &  2+  min held.

Tuesday we’re Testing the Deadlift, and Upper Body & Lower Body Endurance.  Start with a 10 min warmup designed to prepare & warmup the midline & stabilizers. Then systematically engage the posterior chain & review the deadlift before releasing to build.  If someone is not Testing, they’ll do everything in the same way, but do 5 deadlifts every 3 min,   increasing weight each set.   Then, 25 min for UB/LB Endurance, or the option that consists of similar movements. The UB/LB Endurance can require extra setup time, so we’ve allotted plenty for it. The option is an 8 min AMRAP of an ascending ladder of KB Deadlifts, One-arm KB Press, & Jumping Squat over barGoal is 8+

Wednesday we are Testing Rings and Neurological & Core Endurance. Start with a reaction game to get the brain & coordination warmed up, then ring dip mobility to prepare for the upcoming Ring work. Spend 5 minutes each on shoulder stability and Muscleup Review, with variations, before starting  10 minutes for either Testing rings, or the option.    The workout prep has 5 min  each on single-under Jump rope drills and doubleunder practice and review.   If someone is Testing <BLUE, release them to work appropriate options. If they are >BLUE, prep for Annie. If they are NOT Testing, prep in the same way for the optional workout — Toes to Bar & Double-unders.

Thursday we are Testing API, or doing a similarly structured station workout (for logistics) — but with different movements. The workout starts with a 2-phase circle group warmup.  Then movement review & preparation for station work — 50 min available for this, including a 10 min review/ setup, & time for two 20 minute heats. Coaches will have to be on top of this!  If not testing, the workout is the same format,  but with Thrusters, Situps, Box Jumps, Strict Pullups & Burpees.   Goal is 300.

Friday we are Testing Front Squat and Kettlebell.   Start with an 8 min partner full-body pyramid warmup. Then a front rack mobilization, squat specific warmup —  then build before starting the clock … 30 minutes allotted for this — plenty of time to  let people BUILD.  If someone is NOT  testing, they’ll do 5-10 Front Squats every 3 min for 4 sets —  12 min total.   Adjust to use the time effectively.  Next, the  dreaded KB Test — 20 min allotted. We start with glute & lower back activation prep — GO OVER STRATEGY.  Break up sets early & often — don’t jump more than 2 Levels unless totally certain. After 6-8 min warmup, and rehearsal strategy talk, start the clock for 10 min.   If not Testing, the workout is a 10 minute EMOM alternating KB variation and Jumping Lunge Variation    

Saturday we are Testing Flexibility, and  Makeup Testing (depending on a few factors).  If someone tested KB yesterday, consider a makeup of running, neuro/ core, or something that can be reviewed quickly & doesn’t require a lot of setup. If someone did NOT test KB Fri, have them test Row. The KB test can be brutal, so we don’t want to do that, then go right into a Row test.