TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 1

//TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 1

TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 1

Monday starts with a team based warmup, and moves into Doubleunder Skill work to prepare 2 3-minute AMRAPs separated by 1 minute of rest. Each AMRAP is different, one consisting of American Swings, Burpee over KB, and 60m shuttle run, and the other consisting of Doubleunders, Wallballs, and Bike/Ski cals. Keep the breathing high throughout. Goal is 9+ rounds.

Tuesday is our functional bodybuilding day and is all about Muscular contractions!  Before we get there, however, we’ll warm up properly, prep all the muscles, and get the mind & body connected.  We’ll start with a KB flow warmup that combines bracing, swinging, overhead support & a coordination piece. Then we move into partner shoulder, lat & core preparation. The work portion consists of Weighted Pullups, and then  One-Legged KB Deadlifts, Zottman Curl/Bench Dips, and Plank March/Plank work.  This session is all about movement quality and focusing on perfect reps. Rotate through on 90 sec, starting members wherever needed — planning re necessary time to get set up properly.   Goal is QUALITY.


Wednesday could be categorized as … a LEG DAY!  We are starting a Wednesday Squat progression and will start with an overall warmup & squat prep.   Do Strength Endurance and then go into a 3 round Aerobic Power (w/ Stamina) of Squats, Shoulders (Push Jerks) and Running. We’ll go over technique, and build to our workout weight before jumping into the Workout.


Thursday starts with a high quality Skill/Neuro session built around Handstand/Inversion work and Turkish Getups. The goal here is perfect movement and focus (or as close as you can get). Following that we have an ascending ladder Stamina workout of upper body pulling and core. Goal is YELLOW/ORANGE ≤20:00, BLUE +  ≤18:00


Friday starts with a high quality Weightlifting/Gymnastics EMOM of Power Cleans and Ring Dip work. With any of these EMOM sessions, the goal is all about quality of movement. Following that we have a short, high powered workout Lactic Tolerance consisting Rowing and Thrusters. Move fast and hard on this one. Goal is ≤12:00

Saturday we start with a 12 minute capped workout that starts with 6 rounds of Deadlifts and Box Jump Overs, in remaining time accumulate as many Burpee Pullups (or variations) as possible. The big movements in this workout make this Vp(v), but there will definitely be stamina elements, and could be bridging into Aerobic Power on the Stamina side. Following that we have a partner core finisher of Medball Situps, Leg Raise/ Throws & Bear Crawl.