TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April Week 4 Workouts

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April Week 4 Workouts

Monday starts with our final WEEK of Deadlift Progressions. This is a great place to TEST, but  we will be testing in May. Following Deadlifts we have 1 min on, 30s off focused breathing work.  It might be on the burny side for some folks, at the end of the Thrusters and Double-unders. Pacing is key here, and scores are heavily dependent on Double-under ability. Goal is 450-500 reps.

Tuesday starts with a high quality Gymnastic Skill EMOM.  Goal here is to dial in fundamentals around false grip & stabilization, and then work the midline. Next we have a short high skill workout consisting of Ring Muscle-ups (or variations) and DB Hang Snatch. This workout is meant to be done at a high effort, steady pace, and should be pretty uncomfortable. Goal is ≤10:00.

Wednesday starts with our final WEEK of Front Squat Progressions — followed by a workout similar in construction to last Wed, but with a very different feeling.  This is a great learning opportunity for those that did last week’s workout … consisting of Wallballs and KBs. This one is stamina (muscle burn), while last week was aerobic power (breathing).  Goal is to finish the work and accumulate 20 toes to bar (or variation)

Thursday starts with alternating intervals of Run Training (400m), followed by a high effort 30s sprint on the Airbike, or sled, depending on equipment. You can also use a Row or Ski, but the goal here is something that can deliver a powerful punch for 30s. Then a 30s rest, and then 1 min deadhang hold from a pullup bar. Following that is shoulder accessory work that is meant to be done for quality. Goal is Full Effort.

Friday is our Functional Bodybuilding Day containing our pull-up work, and then  One-Arm KB Work, TGU/Plank for full body strength and for shoulder & midline stability, and Single Leg Glute Accessory work.  This session is all about movement quality and focusing on perfect reps. Rotate through on 90 sec, starting members wherever needed — planning re necessary time to get set up properly.   Goal is QUALITY.

Saturday starts with 10 min of Clean and Jerk work preceded by 10 minutes of technique work. The goal here is high quality technical work. If you have folks who are competent in weightlifting, but with a lower overall level because something is holding them back, feel free to let them build. Following that we have 2 intervals high breathing intervals with some strong muscular burn elements in the legs. The second interval is a little heavier than the first, and starts on the 10 minute mark.