TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April 2019 Week 3

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April 2019 Week 3

This is a workout from the 2014 Games.  There’s a video on youtube of Froning bombing right through it.  ALL workouts can be broken down into energy systems — the way all words use letters.   Letters mix to form words with different meanings. Today’s workout is a mix of Aerobic Power with Stamina Vp(p). These are what give the workout it’s meaning — otherwise it’s just busy-ness.  Although the rep scheme is very familiar, the complex barbell movements (for all LEVELS) makes it slower than the normal 21-15-9.  If the reps don’t make sense, they add up to 21-15-9 (although we’ve changed the lower LEVELS to accommodate the work).

There is a barbell & a gymnastics portion — alternating.  Both portions get harder with each movement:  Deadlifts to Power cleans to Power snatch for barbell —  and Pull-ups to Chest to Bars to Bar Muscle-ups for gymnastics.

Not random, but patterned — each set a mini triplet.  Take breaks in-between the sets — do NOT rush.  The Snatch is the limiting barbell movement, so choose a weight that would allow you to do 12 to 15 unbroken snatch  reps when fresh.

This 14 min AMRAP includes Dumbbell Step-ups, One-armed DB Box Stepups and Sit-ups — hitting a wide range of muscles.   Shoulder, legs, and core endurance will be tested; any time we see that it’s Stamina work Pp(p), we know there will be much fatigue and muscular burn.

Lungs & breathing will also be stressed, but the primary limiting factor will be the muscles themselves.  Managing fatigue is most important,  specifically re the Ring Rows.   Ideal is an unbroken  then on to the sit-ups.

It’s better to keep things moving with small sets than to force unbroken sets and take long rests.  Keep a consistent pace on the DB Box Step-ups, or they will really spike HR and breathing.  Stay at a smooth, constant pace.  Sit-ups will be a ‘rest’ in this workout. But as sets progress, fatigue definitely accumulate. We recommend pushing into the ab fatigue, via unbroken sets every time.

In this workout, relax the shoulders as much as possible — they are NOT considered primary movers here, and it’s easy to over-rely on them.  Relax them on both the KB Swings and the Wallball.  Kb Swings should have total focus on a solid hip extension, and the Wallball should be a ‘relaxed’ jump.  Keep your breathing rate HIGH throughout.

This workout is Vp(v) … but … HOW you do it is critical.  If you’re careless about this Energy System, you’ll Slip n’ Slide into a bad spot. Focus on efficient movement — relaxing wherever and whenever possible. If you hold your breath, or use your shoulders too much, you’ll miss out on the primary purpose, the design intention of this workout.

Break up your sets in the early rounds, & take quick rests to make sure you don’t go too deep.  Steady breathing continuously.  After the round of 20 is complete, and you’re feeling good, turn up the heat and really push it to the end. Do NOT get sloppy on the wallballs, and do NOT let the ball drag you down — stay upright & solid!  Don’t lose midline stability or powerful hip extension on the KB swings — stay tight & powerful. Time your breathing, relax your breathing, and move smoothly.

This Functional Bodybuilding (FBB) session is designed to build a solid foundation, focused on movement quality & muscle engagement.  We’re training Upper Body Pull, Core, Upper Body Push, & Lower Pull.  Movement quality, as always!  Building that mind-muscle connection … even more important in this workout.

The pull-ups should be done at “Test Quality” — with direct carry-over into Levels testing.  The Core work with Russian Twists should be consistent, and move right into a hollow hold. The RDLs should be done slow & controlled, with a focus on perfect contractions, and feeling a mild stretch.   For Russian Twists and Push Press there immediately follows a complementary static hold up to the 60 sec mark.

For 25 minutes you’ll be moving through 5 sets of Double-unders, Single-arm DB Hang Power Cleans,  Burpee Box, Jumps, and Rowing or Running (depending on equipment).  Rest the remaining time until the following 5 minute interval.

Intervals are a superb way to build overall Aerobic Power capacity.  Although the intervals themselves are relatively short, this workout is Vp(v) because of the types of movements involved, the overall time, and the estimated work-to-rest ratio.  The goal is continuous, high breathing movement during the work — sustainable but on the brink of needing a rest by the end of each interval.  The rest should come at just the right time, and you should feel ready when the next round starts.

Keep the sets unbroken & smooth on the Jump Rope & DB stations.  Have a solid rhythm on Burpee Box Jumps, and finish strong on the run / row.  As you progress through the sets, turn on the heat and push harder … but NOT too early, or you won’t be able to recover.

We’ll consider Hollow Rocks first, because they are rare in this kind of workout.  It is easy to cheat them, when aiming to go as fast as possible.  Speed is important, but stay steady on them and do NOT take shortcuts.

This workout is clearly muscularly dominant.  The limiting factor is … muscles? … breathing? Questioning will teach an understanding of Energy Systems.   With descending-then- ascending reps of a Core movement (Toes to Bar or Sit-ups) and a Pushing movement (Ring Dips or Push-ups) … well you can imagine how it will feel.

Workouts with these rep schemes can be deceptive, and managing muscle fatigue in any Pp(p) workout is the key.  Break up those early, larger sets to avoid tanking in the later rounds.  Toes to Bar and Ring Dips will get tough, quick.   Break up the sets into two sets minimum through the round of 6, then move a little quicker as you get into the smaller sets.

As you move into the second portion of the workout, be aware of your tricep/chest fatigue before you start blasting Push-ups.  If you move too recklessly through the early sets you’ll end up burning out and going to singles.  But there is NO need to break up or pace the Hollow Rocks — you are not likely to reach failure there.