CrossFit 2920 Nutrition Coaching Team: 2920 Nutrition

//CrossFit 2920 Nutrition Coaching Team: 2920 Nutrition

CrossFit 2920 Nutrition Coaching Team: 2920 Nutrition

We want to introduce our TnT TRiiB to our Nutrition Coaching Team!!!

Jessica Corrick and Allison Riley have both completed our Nutrition Coaching program through Healthy Steps Nutrition.  Their current experience and knowledge, combined with the new nutrition knowledge gained from our course is a great addition to the TnT Coaching family!!

Jessica is long time members of our community since 2013, and has seen great success and great physique transformation implementing our nutritional guidance and training.

Allison has an abundant amount of knowledge in nutrition, and healthy living, which she gained as she worked on improving her health.

They will be ready to start helping members see the same success they have gained.  In May 2018 we will be rolling out our newly revamped nutrition program.  They will both have posted availability times and ready to help you accomplish long term sustainable results!!

Until then feel free to reach out to our Nutrition Coaching Staff at:
[email protected]

Training 04.17.2018
AMRAP 20 w. a partner:
250 Meter Row
10 Burpees over the Rower
*One athlete completes a full round at a time

L1: (Regular Burpees)

One athlete will complete a full round of 250m Row/10 Burpees over the rower. This means you should be able to sustain your pace for the entire 20 minutes which will likely be around 80%. Set a goal of completing all row intervals right around the same split.