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May 2019

TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 3


Monday Tests  Upper Body Push and Running. The session starts with a fun song warmup,  and air squats.   Then a pushing-specific warmup, then a 10 min clock to build.   If NOT Testing, on the same clock continue on Squat endurance progression for the week. Following Part 1, line everyone up for a running specific warmup [...]

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2920 Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 2


Monday is Nasty Girls, and we’re dedicating the whole session to it.  We start with a full-body circle warmup, then go into partner mobility for 6 minutes. We’ll spend about 20 minutes going over Ring Muscleup progressions, Hang Power clean progressions and barbell cycling. Everyone will build weight and set up their station, then do [...]

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April 2019

TnT Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 1


Monday starts with a team based warmup, and moves into Doubleunder Skill work to prepare 2 3-minute AMRAPs separated by 1 minute of rest. Each AMRAP is different, one consisting of American Swings, Burpee over KB, and 60m shuttle run, and the other consisting of Doubleunders, Wallballs, and Bike/Ski cals. Keep the breathing high throughout. [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April Week 4 Workouts


Monday starts with our final WEEK of Deadlift Progressions. This is a great place to TEST, but  we will be testing in May. Following Deadlifts we have 1 min on, 30s off focused breathing work.  It might be on the burny side for some folks, at the end of the Thrusters and Double-unders. Pacing is [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April 2019 Week 3


This is a workout from the 2014 Games.  There’s a video on youtube of Froning bombing right through it.  ALL workouts can be broken down into energy systems -- the way all words use letters.   Letters mix to form words with different meanings. Today’s workout is a mix of Aerobic Power with Stamina Vp(p). These [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: April 2019 Week 2 Workouts


Goal:  Sub 11:00 Levels Consideration:  Deadlift Today’s workout specifically, anytime we’re in the Pp(p) world, managing muscle fatigue becomes the focus. Without the proper cellular foundation (capillaries etc)  fatigue can happen rapidly … and ‘knowing’ yourself can take time. Your mind will tell you it’s a great idea to blast out the gate, but [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: Saturday 04.06.19


We classify Sayonara as aerobic capacity, a good mix of Aerobic Power with rounds of stamina (higher rep gymnastic movements) mixed in.  With all system work, there is a spectrum, and depending on your proficiency with pistols (or variation) and CTBs (or variation) you’ll swing more to the stamina side, or more to the breathing [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: Friday 04.05.19


11 minutes of strict movements should give you an idea of the system involved here… we consider this Stamina, and the primary limiting factor will be the presses for most. The weight should allow for near unbroken sets for each round, but as you go, the fatigue will mount. The sit ups and air squats [...]

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TnT Fitness & Nutrition: Wednesday 04.03.19


We consider these intervals to be on the aerobic side because of the movement choices, but because of the time frames, and depending on the effort, can shift things a little. It might be tempting to go out super fast and hard on the first one, but do that and you’ll make it Lactic Tolerance [...]

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