2920 Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 2

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2920 Fitness & Nutrition: May 2019 Week 2

Monday is Nasty Girls, and we’re dedicating the whole session to it.  We start with a full-body circle warmup, then go into partner mobility for 6 minutes. We’ll spend about 20 minutes going over Ring Muscleup progressions, Hang Power clean progressions and barbell cycling. Everyone will build weight and set up their station, then do a quick rehearsal.  Finally …  complete Nasty Girls — an Aerobic Power workout on the stamina side,  consisting of Air Squats, Ring Muscle-ups & Hang Power Cleans.       Goal is <8:00

Tuesday has two parts: Tabatas (this is not a mash, and should be done straight through) — and a Balance & Coordination “finisher.”   Start with a short fun game, and move into 6 minutes of a full body warmup to make sure everything is prepped & ready!  Review movements, do a quick rehearsal and hit the Tabatas —  consisting of Situps, Airbike (or Burpees), Deadhang holds & Box jumps.   Complete each tabata set before moving on (4 min of situps, then 4 min of Airbike, etc). This alternates aerobic power sets and stamina sets. Do NOT rebound on box jumps. Following Tabatas, it’s balance & coordination.  Goal is Y – 300, O+ 350

Wednesday is our Squat Endurance day — starting with a quick 2 min run, bike or ski for heart rate up & blood pumping.  Next Olympic wall squat to open up the hips, then prep with a squat endurance (cellular) warmup to get everything primed & ready.  15 min are allotted for the Strength portion —  5 min to prep, & 10 min on the clock to build.   Quick prep for overhead mobility with a banded overhead distraction, and review all movements —  then a light KB build to workout weight. “The Pot & the Kettle” is our Wildcard — a 14 min Stamina AMRAP hitting shoulder stability:   KB STOH, Waiters Walk on the same side, OH Squat on the same side, with a run to flush. Switch sides & continue. Goal is 2.5 rounds

Thursday has two parts:  a longer breathing piece, then a quality-focused accessory finisher.   Start with a 10 min prepping, group-warmup in teams of 2 or 3 — consisting of rowing, wall sits, and plate hops.   Then  Doubleunder/ Singleunder review, then spend about 7 min with jump rope skill work. Review movements, rehearse, then it’s …   “There & Back Again”.   This workout  starts with a cal Row buy-in, and moves into 4 rounds of Doubleunders and Suitcase Carry. This is a high breathing workout that will have some stamina elements towards the end — but it’s still Aerobic Power on the  breathing side. Goal is <20:00. Our accessory finisher is all about quality, and we’re doing pressing and core accessory.

Friday starts with a station warmup stressing core & full body mobility and coordination.   First, plenty of time on Turkish Getup prep, and skill work,  and last,  partner wallball work.  The workout is Aerobic Power on the Stamina side, with an alternating-movement descending-ladder — it’s  the “2018 Granite Games Qualifier 2”,  consisting of Wallballs & Toes to Bar.   Goal is <9:00 (B <11:00)

Saturday starts with a Snatch EMOM and finishes with a 10 minute partner workout. Start with a band, do some general mobility & activation, then some jumping work to get primed.  Spend 10 minutes going through Snatch Progressions to make sure everyone is moving well.  Then a quick build/ prep, and  start the clock for 12 min, or 1 set every 90s for 8.  Start light, and move up as appropriate.   After the barbells have been put away, do prep drills in a line, then a 200m run at workout pace.   “Shazam” starts with a 1 mile partner relay run, and in remaining time partners will accumulate Dead Lifts/ HSPU or variations.